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Sealing Tape For PPE Suit
The Sealing Tapes For PPE Suits are used to seal the unstitched seams of the PPE suit, which is worn for the protection from coronavirus. This is simple to use tape of good sealing properties, which has been made from quality materials.
Social Distancing Tape
The Social Distancing Tapes are the best protection alternatives, used for marking the floor and make a mark of social distancing between the people. Offered tapes are so useful for making a useful & safe distance.
Hardware Products

We provide a wide range of Hardware Products such as abrasive cloth rolls, sealants, foil tape, cutting wheel, PVC tape and many more. Buyers can get these items in large quantities at low cost.

Automotive Performance Products
Automotive Performance Products consist of large list of items used to enhance the performance of a vehicle and helps in easy engine starting, improves the mileage, reduces the emission and its toxicity.
Water Proofing Chemical
Water Proofing Chemicals are additives used in construction industry to fill the cracks within the structure and avoid the entry of water in walls. These are used to enhance the strength of buildings and make them durable.
Adhesives are the bonding agents which holds two or more elements together. These are widely used to make furniture. They have quick drying ability and are easy to apply.
Spray Paint
The Spray Paint can be used on cars and other automobiles and has zero sticking, yet good binding properties. It can repel moisture and allows for fast drying. This is a paint of easy application and good resistance of temperature.
Wood Care Product
The Wood Care Product is sued to protect the wood surfaces from termites as well as borers. This is an ecofriendly solution, which is highly convenient to use. People can easily mixed it with primers as well as oil based paints.
The Thinners we deal in are exclusively used in the industries of automobile. It has not an intense odor and is used for thinning the wood polishers, lacquer paints and automotive paints so as to give them a moderate consistency. Basically, it can break the thickness of varnishes and paints.

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